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Jorgen Samso

Journalist, correspondent, producer, and videographer specialized in the Western Balkans region and Africa
News, feature and documentary
Based in Belgrade, Serbia.
Main clients: Euronews and PBS NewsHour



Frontex and the border breach

[Contributor, doc on illegal refugee pushbacks] EU:s gränsmyndighet Frontex skakas av omfattande kritik för olagliga avvisningar vid EU:s gränser. Spotlight kan visa att finländare på Frontex-uppdrag varit med då andra EU-gränsvakter motat bort människor på flykt.
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In remote Sudan, the Darfur war remains present

The Darfur genocide in Sudan received widespread media coverage across the world and led to the arrest of the country’s former leader, Omar al Bashir. Traveling by car, by donkey, and on foot, Special Correspondent Benedict Moran and video journalist Jorgen Samso visited a rebel stronghold in Darfur’s remote Jebel Marra mountains.
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In Sudan, a new revolution to keep the spirit of an old revolution alive

After a popular uprising brought down the regime of former president Omar Al Bashir in 2019, a transitional government has led Sudan. It established a timetable for democratic elections, and started undertaking economic reforms. But to some Sudanese, the pace of reforms has been too slow. Special Correspondent Benedict Moran and video journalist Jorgen Samso report.
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On the Ethiopian border, refugees fleeing fighting, famine make for Sudan

Nobel Peace Prize-winner Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia launched a government offensive last November against rebels in the northern region of Tigray. At the time, he promised the war would be over in a matter of weeks. But the ongoing conflict has led to thousands of deaths, displaced almost 2 million people, and led to charges of ethnic cleansing and widespread sexual violence, mostly by government forces. Benedict Moran and Jorgen Samso report.
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Serbia’s winning fight against COVID-19 raises questions about ‘vaccine diplomacy’

[Special Correspondent] Serbia has had considerable success in its COVID-19 vaccination campaign, with the third-highest rate in Europe; supply is mostly from China and Russia. While Serbia's efforts have received high praise, experts are warning about unprecedented, growing Chinese influence in the country and the wider region through so-called 'vaccine diplomacy.' Jorgen Samson and Aleksandar Papajic report from Serbia.
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Warming Arctic with less ice heats up Cold War tensions

The Arctic is warming up at near-record speed, twice as fast as the rest of the planet due to climate change, according to the recently-released Arctic Report Card 2020. Shrinking sea ice opens up the inhospitable far North to more human activity and old Cold War rivalry. Special Correspondent Benedict Moran and video journalist Jorgen Samso report on the ‘new cold war’ from Nunavut, Canada.
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EU 'back in the driver's seat' as Serbia-Kosovo talks resume

[TV PKG and LIVE] The European Union has praised the leaders of Serbia and Kosovo for resuming face-to-face talks after discussions had been frozen for over a year and a half. (euronews)
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New hope in the battle against Ebola in the DR Congo’s conflict zone

A report from the city of Beni, in the heart of the latest Ebola outbreak. With Benedict Moran. In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, health officials are struggling to end a new Ebola outbreak - the tenth that has gripped the country since the virus was first identified there in 1976. At least 185 people have contracted Ebola since early August, and the latest cluster of cases has emerged in an area where there is active fighting between the government and more than 100 different armed groups. Health workers say new medicines and the development of a vaccine are making the job of treating Ebola easier. But the virus also emerged in an area where there is active fighting. For the past 24 years, conflict between armed groups and the government — or from inter-communal violence — has displaced millions of people. As Congolese and international health teams are work to contain the latest outbreak amid conflict, The World Health Organization now says, the risk that the disease will spread elsewhere in region — and even to neighboring countries — is “very high.”
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Award: The United Nations Correspondents Association is pleased to announce the winners of the 2019 UNCA Awards.

2019 winner of the Ricardo Ortega Memorial Prize for broadcast media. Story for PBS NewsHour with Benedict Moran, reporting on Ebola outbreak in DR Congo.
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Grant/Fellowship at the European Journalism Centre (EJC), Brussels

Grant/Fellowship, EJC, Brussels with the project Wonder Women, which examines the challenges of achieving greater gender balance in global peacekeeping operations, and the unique opportunities female peacekeepers provide as role models and soldiers.
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Montenegro parliamentary election kicks off with high turnout

[LIVE] Montenegro's pro-Western Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) has secured 35% of votes in a tight and bitterly-contested parliamentary election, its worst result since the country won independence from Serbia 14 years ago. President Milo Djukanovic, who has personally led Montenegro for three decades since Yugoslavia was dismantled in the early 1990s, said Monday that the DPS would respect the election results but claimed that it was "the strongest party in Montenegro." Meanwhile, the leader of the pro-Serbian coalition, Zdravko Krivokapic, told supporters: "The regime has fallen."
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The public health crisis you may not know about: snakebites

Over 100,000 people die every year from snakebites, and another 450,000 suffer life-altering injuries. The World Health Organization has labeled snakebites an epidemic, and reports that only half of the anti-venom needed globally is currently being produced. Special correspondent Benedict Moran and video journalist Jorgen Samso report from Nigeria, the epicenter of snakebites in Africa.
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Jorgen Samso

Award-winning international journalist/correspondent covering the Balkans - and Africa - on tv, video, photography, print, and online for among others PBS NewsHour and Euronews.

Bylines at The Lancet and National Geographic, Politico Europe and Foreign Policy Magazine, Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN), and a range of national Danish media outlets.

2015 M.A. in Journalism, Politics & International Affairs, Columbia University.

2016 Fellow at The Brown Institute for Media Innovation, Columbia & Stanford Universities.


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